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25-Sep-11 - 06:33 AM
Thread Name: Tech: PAT testing
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Oh, I have these forms should anyone want some, laminate and tie wrap to the lead and fill in date and sign whenever one carries out the visual inspection, when full up remove and file and put a new one on. On most equipment what is looked for is the earthing and the efficacy of the insulation a multi meter isn't good enough and PAT testing machines are about de-skilling the job and not required if you know what you are about. However one can get a one day course on how to PAT test rent the machine and DIY which is more expensive than £25. Would there be a demand for PAT testing at festivals?
So using a calibrated, low reading ohm meter the resistance between the earth pin of the plug and the exposed metal parts of appliance (for class 1 equipment) should be 0.5 ohms or less, Using the meter on the High ohms scale The insulation resitance between the two line conductors (L & N pins) to earth should be greater than 20 megOhms. On class 2 equipment (double insulated) the High ohms range should be used for the first test and a reading greater than 20meg ohms is a pass. On sensative equipment please use the 240volt range cos 500volt range may fry your equipment