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Posted By: Richard Bridge
26-Sep-11 - 06:10 AM
Thread Name: Tech: PAT testing
Subject: RE: Tech: PAT testing
Not expensive?

I know of a band (electric) that turned down a gig at a venue in which the local authority had a hand.

What would have needed PAT stickers (or the band was not allowed on stage) - NB the LA insisted on PAT tests on stuff that was NOT carrying mains if it was directly or indirectly connected to anything tuat did carry mains - ?

Hmm: -

Mixing Desk
Power Lead
Extension Lead
Splitter box
15 mics
15 mic leads
3 guitars
3 guitar leads
1 DI box
Power Lead
Extension Lead
5 guitar FX pedals
5 guitar FX power supplies
3 patch leads
2 multicore terminators (break-out and break-in)
2 multicore leads
Another Extension lead
Another splitter board
3 kettle leads
2 power amps
Active X-over
4 speaker leads
4 PA speakers
Another Extension lead
Another splitter board
Foldback amp
4 speaker leads
4 foldback speakers
6 more patch leads for stuff to do with foldback
Kettle lead for graphic
Kettle lead for mixer FX
FX unit
4 more patch leads for graphic
Headphone amp
Working light

That's 104 PAT tests (many of them wholly unnecessary) - at £25 each which I make £2,600.

Not expensive?