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Posted By: Bernard
26-Sep-11 - 06:40 AM
Thread Name: Tech: PAT testing
Subject: RE: Tech: PAT testing
Twenty five quid a test? Sheesh! We only charge around £1.50!!

Speaker leads do not require testing, they are classed as low voltage - unless you mean mains leads for self-powered speakers... your FX pedals do not require testing, but if there's a mains PSU for them, that does.

Only devices/leads connected directly to the mains supply require testing - if, for example, a mixer has an outboard PSU, only the PSU and not the mixer requires testing. If the mixer's PSU is internal connected via an IEC (kettle!) lead, both mixer and IEC need testing separately.

Please note... a kettle lead and an IEC lead are not necessarily the same thing - a standard IEC will not plug into a kettle, though the kettle lead (which has a 'notch' in it) will plug safely into a standard IEC inlet. Kettle IECs are specifically designed for hot/wet conditions.