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Posted By: Artful Codger
26-Sep-11 - 05:33 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req/ADD: Winter / When the Trees Are All Bare
Grrr, my mistake for using the PRE tag instead of the CODE tag. I naively thought that "preformatted" meant "leave it the hell alone," but I guess browser developers just can't do that. Well, one mystery solved, and thanks, Mick! Here it is again, I hope without leading spaces:

T:When the Trees Are All Bare
C:Text by Thomas Brerewood, by 1744
C:Music by Mr. Lockhart, by 1783
S:A Select Collection of English Songs, Volume 3; Joseph Ritson, 1783.
S:"Song LIV.--When the trees are all bare, not a leaf to be seen. Brerewood.
S:Set by mr. Lockhart."
%%writehistory 1
H:The poem itself appeared in The Gentleman's Magazine in 1744 under the title "Winter. A pastoral Ballad."
Q:1/4=104 " All[egr]o. Mod[erat]o."
E> F | G2 A B c2 d e | (dB) G F (FE) c B | (AB) c d (ef/g/) f e |
w: When the trees are all bare, not a leaf* to be seen,* And the mea-*dows their beau---ty have
(ed) z2z2 (de) | (fc) c d (eB) B c | (eA) B c (cB) A G |
w: lost;* When* na--ture's dis-rob'd* of her man-*tle of green,* And the
(d>e) d c (BG) (B/A/) (G/^F/) | G2 z2z2 B c | (dB) A G c2 d e |
w: stream* are fast bound* by* the* frost: While the pea-*sant, in-ac-tive, stands
(ed) c B c2 (BA) | e2 d c (BA) G F | E2 z2 z2 E F |
w: shiv'*ring with cold, As* bleak the winds north-*er-ly blow; And the
G E E2 (FG) A B | (dc) B A (AG) c B | A2 B c (de/f/) f e |
w: in-no-cent flocks* run for ease* to the fold,* With their fleec-es be-sprin---kled with
(e2d2) z2 d e | (~fe) f e (dc) d c | (BA) G F (FE) c B |
w: snow:* And the in--no-cent flocks* run for ease* to the fold,* With their
(AB/c/) G a (ge) (g/f/) (e/d/) | c6 ||
w: fleec---es be-sprin--kled* with* snow.
%%vskip .5in