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Posted By: treewind
27-Sep-11 - 05:07 AM
Thread Name: Tech: PAT testing
Subject: RE: Tech: PAT testing
"the LA insisted on PAT tests on stuff that was NOT carrying mains if it was directly or indirectly connected to anything that did carry mains"

How incompetent of the person who made up those rules.
It's not even possible to test a microphone, speaker or cable for electrical safety, so any sticker on such equipment would prove that at least some of the stickers were telling lies. If I saw that, I wouldn't know if I could trust the others.

Howard: a mic and cable in absolutely perfect and safe condition will kill you if you plug it into a faulty mixer with a live chassis. It's not the mic or cable's fault - conducting electricity is its job.

PeterC: Good job we are legal!
Not so much legal, just in compliance with a particular venue's own set of rules.