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Posted By: John Minear
30-Sep-11 - 03:53 PM
Thread Name: New evidence for 'shanty' origins?
Subject: RE: New evidence for 'shanty' origins?
Lighter, you said, "And I've never read of British or American sailors using hymns as shanties." I have wondered about this. Does this hold true for hymn tunes as well? I don't mean to take this thread off course, but I am curious.

This is another good chanty discussion. Thanks, Gibb, for launching it. I'm also glad to see some discussion of the French songs. I've wondered about the French connection from Canada, down the Mississippi, to New Orleans, and on over to the French Caribbean. If river songs became sea chanties, then surely the French in America were possibly involved with this. I would also be curious about the interaction of the French river culture with the Black slave culture in terms of shared work songs. Do we have any examples of Creole French worksongs either from the Gulf ports or from the Caribbean? Again, I don't mean to send this thread off on a tangent. Just raising some questions.