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Posted By: Richie
01-Oct-11 - 08:06 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Life's Railway To Heaven / Union Miners?

I found Hays' original:


"Life is like a crooked railroad,
And the engineer is brave,
Who can make a trip successful
From the cradle to the grave.
There are stations all along it,
Where at almost any breath
You'll be 'flagged' to stop your engine
By the messenger of Death.
You may run the grades of trouble,
Many days and years of ease,
But Time may have you side-tracked
By the switchmen of disease.
You may cross the bridge of manhood,
Run the tunnel dark of strife,
Having God for your conductor
On the lightning train of life.
Always mindful of instructions,
Watchful duty never lack;
Keep your hand upon the throttle
And your eye upon the track.

"Name your engine 'True Religion,'
When you're running day or night,
Use the coal of Hope for fuel,
And she'll always run you right.
You need never fear of sticking
On the up-grades 'long the road;
If you've got Faith for a fireman
You can always pull the load.
You will often find obstructions
By the cunning devil lain,
On a hill, or curve, or trestle,
Where he'll try to 'ditch your train.'
But you needn't fear disaster;
'Jerk her open! Let her go!'
For the General Superintendent
All his plans will overthrow.
Put your trust in God, and fear not,
Keep a-going, don't look back;
Keep your hand upon the throttle.
And your eye upon the track.

"When you've made the trip successful,
And you're at your journey's end,
You will find the angels waiting
To receive you as a friend.
You'll approach the Superintendent,
Who is waiting for you now,
With a word of proud promotion,
And a crown to deck your brow.
Never falter in your duty;
Put your faith and trust in Him,
And you'll always find your engine
In the best of running trim.
Ring your bell and blow your whistle!
Never let your courage slack;
Keep your hand upon the throttle
And your eye upon the track."