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Posted By: Mark Cohen
20-Oct-00 - 05:50 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Oh Dem Golden Slippers
Subject: RE: oh dem golden slippers
Gordon Lightfoot tried to update -- or at least redo -- the idea in "Long White Robe", but I much prefer the's certainly not one of his better songs.

And M.Ted, you're right about being drunk while watching the Mummers' Parade, but it wasn't exactly de rigueur for an 8 year old. (Though, sadly, it's much more likely for an 8 year old in 2000 than it was in 1962) And I hear they don't even march down Broad Street any more. O tempora! O mores! Or, as the Japanese Girl Scout said, "O, tempura! O, s'mores!" (Oh, dear...)