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Posted By: GUEST,Guest from Sanity
04-Oct-11 - 01:50 PM
Thread Name: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
Subject: RE: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
If any of you have seen the 'protester's' demands, then you'd know, that these are lunatics, stirred up by bigger lunatics....but because it is 'fashionable', to be a lunatic, I guess you think it is quite alright....because being a 'FAR left' lunatic is the only way stupid and ugly people can get ANY attention!...otherwise, you'd just ignore them, and call them a name, and withdraw into your own little lunatic world.
The goal is to create unrest, so the corrupt sons of bitches can crack down on people that normally would be pissed off, at 'crackdowns'. This is contrived to cause a problem, so that a 'solution' can be proposed, and forced upon us.(sorta like the 'Fast and Furious' concoction).
How can people be so blind and stupid, too. At least Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, and Jose Feliciano, we able to develop extraordinary skills, and sensitivities with their blindness....but this other crap, is for the utmost in stupidity!
Lap it up, it's this administration's most effective work!..The answer of course, will be mineral and oil being the standard, for the globalist elite, to trade, and microchips for the populace!....complete with 'termination' micro-processors...and death, if you refuse to take it. Economy should collapse this spring, if all goes as PLANNED!...Hey! Maybe Obama will suspend the elections, and then he can have another chance to extend his 'generosity' for another indeterminate term! ....but wasn't that the point? Then he and his globalist banking buddies will own you all, lock, stock and barrel!.....Oh, wait a minute, you had to sell your barrel to buy water???

Sounds like fun to me!