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Posted By: Little Hawk
04-Oct-11 - 06:58 PM
Thread Name: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
Subject: RE: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
Oh, come on, Don. He doesn't hate everything. To say so is just foolish hyperbole. GfS has made it plain in a great many posts that he loves music, and has posted numerous links to music videos of the music he loves.

Or she loves. As the case may be.

It is also clear that she (or he) loves his (or her) country...much as the rest of you do. You just can't agree on what to do about it, that's all. You do agree on some of the problems, but you can't seem to get together on solutions.

Mind you, solutions to a mess this big are almost impossible to even find, so I'm not surprised you can't agree on them.