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Posted By: Little Hawk
06-Oct-11 - 02:17 PM
Thread Name: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
Subject: RE: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
It's difficult for the public to know how to respond to the present political state of the world, dick, seeing that the normal traditional voting process has been rendered null and void by lobbyists' money.

What are people to do when the political parties and the system are co-opted by major financial elites?

We've seen what they finally did in Egypt...but the Army is now running Egypt, and it seems likely that the people will in no way receive the genuine progressive changes they had hoped to secure by toppling Mr Mubarak (Who, after all, was just one can remove the symbolic leader of a corrupt system...but does that really change the whole system? Probably not! It probably just renews itself under some new leaders.)

So what are people to do? Wall Street is a well known visual symbol of the financial elite and a gathering place for activities that relate to the doings of the financial elite.

Therefore it makes a certain amount of sense to do a Wall Street Protest, does it not? It's rather like the Parisian mob storming the Bastille, an outward symbol of oppression....but that was a violent protest. This one isn't, so far.

A public that feels robbed and disempowered and helpless will eventually rise up in some way. When the police and the army either join them...or stand aside and refuse to use force upon them...that is when the power elite may fall. What comes in the wake of that is anybody's guess.

It happened in the Soviet Union in '89. It happened in Egypt. It can happen here too.