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Posted By: GUEST,TIA
06-Oct-11 - 05:56 PM
Thread Name: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
Subject: RE: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
Look carefully at the OWS signs.
This is not partisan.
This is not a Democratic Party rally.
This is a rebellion by the 99% against the $y$tem, perpetuated by both Republicans and Democrats, that has created an underemployed, overworked, overtaxed (relative to the 1%) voicele$$ majority.
If you look at what we want (listen to Amos' link above), you'd expect the Tea Party to be on board.
Why aren't they?
It's easy - the Tea Party is a phony creation of the 1%.
The 1% and their wholly-owned "news" media are making sure that Tea Partiers think the 99% is a bunch of druggie punks.
If the Tea Partiers listened, and thought for themselves rather than listening to FAUX, they would realize that they are the 99% as well. They are on our team - they're just being told they are not.
They will wake up. The revolution is building - let's just be damn sure to keep it peaceful!