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06-Oct-11 - 10:34 PM
Thread Name: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
Subject: RE: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
Mostly Liz,

The first part of your first post on there is absolutely correct! I also have been bitching about the same things, often with MUCH resistance. I do not subscribe to 'going back' as you suggested that I was. But I DO recognize the problem got to this boiling point, BECAUSE of the corruption of globalist bankers, and the politicians, who masquerade under the title of 'Representatives' (I must have at least 200 posts referring to this!).....and of course have met stubbornly silly opposition, mostly from some Democrat ideologues on here, that somehow their party, and/or 'their guy' were exempt and not part of the collusion,...through the corruption, from the big business guys. Scroll back under my name and you will see that I've been expounding on that, for well over two or three years!
"petecockermouth" hit it on the head, as to the same thing that has happened over there!!!!
So in that premise, you're singing to the choir....but, when you go through the 'demands', and cross reference them with each other, they don't make sense...and I believe, that certain political factions, are using this very opportunity, CONTRIVED these events, not to bring 'change' THROUGH PEACEFUL MEANS, but to create a necessity, for the government, in conjunction with the big business guys to CRACK DOWN, financially and militarily against our own countrymen, and FORCE the change, that even YOU or anyone on here will like AT ALL!!
Now, before blood gets shed, from either side, or before you, or any loved ones have to decide, to have to shed blood, as a result of controlled and manipulated groups of people, don't you want to find out, FOR SURE, that this is not a concoction????!!!???.....using real issues, for false solutions????? people with ulterior motives??
This doesn't interest you, at all??????
For the exact SAME reasons I don't trust the Tea Party, nor the Democrats, nor the Republicans..I don't truth this either, when the smell of a rat is as strong as a skunk!
Now, does this seem unreasonable to you??
In other words, before Americans start killing each other over this shit, it would be a tragedy, beyond describing, if it was started over a group of people being whooped up, and lied to!!
....and the clue to the lies are found in the demands. All you have to do, as you read them, is ask yourself.."How can they ask this, and not have to use BORROWED money(from who) to accomplish it??!!??
Try it....something don't make sense......unless.......(to be continued)....