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Posted By: Jim Dixon
07-Oct-11 - 12:25 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Are You Kissing More Now (Homer & Jethro)
Subject: Lyr Req: ARE YOU KISSING MORE NOW (Homer & Jethro)
I finally heard this on Spotify. Here's my transcription:

As sung by Homer & Jethro on the various-artists compilation "Smokin' – Cigarettes & Reefer" (2011):

1. You said we were through.
Ever' night you dated someone new.
But I heard a report
Things are not as great as you thought.

CHORUS: Are you kissing more now but enjoying it less?
Do you find there's something missing after ev'ry caress?
And if the pleasure's not there like you thought it would be,
Well, you can't switch back to me.

2. You go out with guys,
And you keep believin' all their lies,
But they're just havin' fun,
And they put you down when they're done. CHORUS

3. Someday you will find
I'm the only one who's on your mind,
But on that fateful day,
I will look at you and I will say: CHORUS

One more time! CHORUS
Well, you can't switch back to me.
Well, you can't switch back to me. (REPEAT AND FADE)