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Posted By: Lizzie Cornish 1
07-Oct-11 - 03:54 AM
Thread Name: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
Subject: RE: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
What's 'driving' the young people, GfS, is nothing to do with any advertising/non/anti-advertising campaign.

It is Loss of Hope. And when you feel that way, you start to get VERY angry, particularly when there is now a tool such as the internet to open the truth up to the world about how this has all happened.

This is just the beginning...there's a way to go yet, for sure. But it was one helluva of a beginning...

And don't forget, that so many will be losing their jobs soon, even more than at present, so many will be losing their houses, have already lost them....But you will have empty houses out there with no-one to buy them....

Today it was announced on the local BBC News that there are around 3,000 people in North Devon on the Housing Waiting List, that is, waiting for the Council to house them, for they cannot afford to buy or rent homes of their own any longer.

There are NINE houses available for the 3,000.

Do the Math.

Then do the Anger Math.

Work out what is going to happen, when even MORE will lose their homes, as they know will come to pass....

Anger will spill over into Violence, for as Bruce says so often, if you have nothing to lose, then you feel you have everything to gain..

It is my belief we are now in the middle of World War III.

It became a SIN to have an opinion, to be politically incorrect...and the Thought Police were all over anyone who dared to stand up and say "Hang on, Your Emperor is Stark Bloody Naked!!!"

I know. I tried it umpteen times and the Wrath of Mudcat and The English Folk World rained down upon me...People told me I was a nutter, thick, stupid, ignorant...


The kids don't have a life expectation as you and I did. They are going to have a LONGER life in years, yes, but they have no hopes of starting life with no debt, saving for a home, buying that home, raising their family in it, having A LIFE!!

ALL they can see is The Conveyer Belt of Life that has been invented for them by The Corporate Bastards.

Well, guess what?

They don't want it!

They don't want to study, work, consume and DIE.

They want to LIVE!

And they are BLOODY well DETERMINED to fight for their Right to do exactly that!

There are BILLIONS of GOOD people out here, and the odds against The Bastards are shittier than they have ever been before.

So, I do not agree with you. This is coming from the very hearts of the people themselves, who have educated themselves about who the enemy actually is, what has been happening, what they have ALLOWED to happen, and where they now want to go...

As Chief Oren Lyons says, over and again, in his many videos out there on the internet, it is time for us to become our Own Leaders, for why would you want to blindly follow those who are intent on leading you over the edge of a cliff without once questioning what they are doing....