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Posted By: GUEST,Guest from Sanity
07-Oct-11 - 10:25 AM
Thread Name: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
Subject: RE: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
I agree with most of your post. Yes, people are angry, and like you, I have posted a bazzilion post on Mudcat, about the big globalist corporations in collusion with crooked, paid off politicians, OF BOTH PARTIES, bilking the public for everything they can...while hiking taxes, to pay for loans, for programs that they convince people are going to be used in 'representing' the people's wishes, ..but instead, use those funds to interfere with the policies of other nations, and causes...without the approval of the people that they are taxing, nor an accountability of where the monies went, or to who, of for what! ..and have put not only us in hock, but the next generations which, some on here, have tried to make me out to be 'the bad guy', when I point out to them that this is corrupt and wrong! Those are the SAME people, when I was opposed to the Federal Reserve, and called for their investigation and disbandment, as did John Kennedy, called me everything in the book, then deny it. Now these same idiot-logues back the 'protesters'.....who want the elimination of the Federal Reserve!..Go figure!
Oh, how fast these people jump on the bandwagon.....oh, how fast these people become obsolete, by attaching themselves to any passing fad, who claims to 'be on their side'......even though within the last week or two, they vehemently opposed, what they now say they support!...and why?....because they very ones they are NOW supporting, have been pretentiously wrapped up in the APPEARANCES of being 'anti-corporate'..when in fact, this particular movement, is a manipulation, for the government to step in, and lay down the MAJOR crackdown, on behalf of a COMPLETE corporate/government/globalist totalitarian nightmare!
If there was the assistance of an ad company, as alluded to by ANOTHER poster, it sure would be interesting to discover WHO'S account! Who hired them, and what are their ties to them....I mean, if you want to follow the 'money trail'!
...but YES, I agree with you. People ARE angry..people are out of work...people are NOT being represented by their elected officials..but I'm not convince, in the least, that this Wall Street protestations are being formed by a 'pure' grassroots movement.....any more than I believe that the Tea Party is a 'pure' grassroots movement, nor the Democrats are representing the people who are even Democrats, nor the Republicans, the same.
Guess what?
Real grassroots movement comes up from the street.....not from someone's well funded corporate offices.
At this point, I am not convinced that this is nothing but a ploy!
Another thing, SOME of the demands are the SAME as the Tea Party's..but with a 'not-so-bright' twist......that SOUNDS appealing, but is utter nonsense, once anyone THINKS IT THROUGH....first of all the want 'absolute debt forgiveness'..then they demand everybody gets a 'living' wage, REGARDLESS of employment....where is the money going to come from, and what form of 'MONEY' are we talking about?...a LOAN???..Fiat money, just being printed?? who??...what makes it worth anything??..what is it backed by?? LOANS????? who??
Sounds like the proverbial jump from the frying pan to the fire, to me! How about you?

And as a addendum,..There are those on here, who like to paint me as some sort of hostile creature...especially when they get their lies called me, that they are NOT making ANY sense whatsoever. (The Bob and Don Show was the latest),...I, in NO way mean any disrespect for you and your post, nor your fact, of all the people who have posted about this subject, who are leaning toward support of it all..yours makes more sense, and is, at least consistent with your prior posts....careful of those who want to jump on your bandwagon, just to interject their nonsense of hostility.