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Posted By: Suffet
08-Oct-11 - 02:30 PM
Thread Name: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
Subject: RE: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
Sorry to burst your bubble, pdq, but...

* President Obama did not endorse Occupy Wall Street. All he said is that he understands why lots of people feel frustrated. Other politicians have voiced similar sentiments.

• The protesters are in fact very well organized, and supplied with food and clothing. But that is because they are self-organized. There are no outsiders giving the movement direction. If you actually saw the encampment and how it governs and takes care of itself, that notion would be completely absurd. The only direction comes from the General Assembly, in which everyone has an equal voice.

• There are no bullhorns at the Occupy Wall Street encampment, since the Occupy Wall Street encampment does not have a permit for electrical amplification. Instead, the people use human amplification. The speaker says one short phrase at a time, and then the crowd repeats what he or she just said. It is a very effective system.

• Yes, the people you call "the usual Hollywood suspects" have indeed been showing up and giving talks. But so can anyone, including you. Just go to the table near the west side of Liberty Plaza and sign up for a time slot, and then you will get your chance to address the multitudes. Whether or not many people will listen to you is, however, an open question. There are also informal speeches and discussions going on all the time. For these you need not sign up for a time slot. Just show up and start talking.

* I am no fan of George Soros, and although he might be a political ally on particular issues he still represents one wing of the corporate elite. However, he is not bankrolling Occupy Wall Street. Support has come from countless thousands of small donations. If Soros would like to make a donation, he is welcome to do so. But if you believe he can by influence that way, let alone control, then you have no idea how Occupy Wall Street functions.

--- Steve Suffet