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Posted By: Skipjack K8
11-Oct-11 - 05:34 PM
Thread Name: Black Diamond Accordions
Subject: Black Diamond Accordions
Hello, old friends.

Firstly, apologies. I have been a very bad Mudcatter these last years, dropped off the face of the virtual earth and haven't really been in touch with anyone except my enduring chums InOBU and BFDK (Bente). There were reasons, my business hit the rocks at the end of 2008 (my own fault, did a Leeson and piled half a million on Sterling against the Euro, only to see it go down the lavatory) and I ended up with debts that would make Greece blush, big personal stuff happened, and the upshot was that I was able to relocate to God's Land, the saltmarsh of my youth, and I now live on the most easterly inhabited island of the British Isles, Mersea Island in Essex

It hasn't been easy, but I have managed to start another business, and another session, so life is as sweet as a bitter personal and global recession could possibly be, and now is about the craziest time to start a new venture, but, Joeclones permitting, may I announce Black Diamond Accordions?

I don't want to sully these pages with commercial stuff, even if it is allowed, but I also wanted to let y'awl know what I'm up to these days. There's three sites involved, the ubiquitous Facebook page, the now-quaint blog and the still-under-construction website

Is one allowed to be an accordion millionaire?

All the best