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Posted By: Little Hawk
12-Oct-11 - 08:51 PM
Thread Name: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
Subject: RE: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
You're not getting my drift, Don. But I bet if we were sitting at a table somewhere, you would...not because we were forced to act in a civilized manner, but because our natural inclination in the presence of another REAL human being instead of some words on a computer screen would make us more aware of our own behaviour. The same goes for if you and GfS were sitting at a table together. Your natural inclinations would probably result in some far more tolerant conversations than is the case here. Here it's safe for you to just stay angry over your personal fantasy of what GfS is like, treasure your dislike, build it, chew on it, and keep harping on it. You enjoy your anger. It makes you feel good and righteous, and you chew on it and keep reliving it, and telling us all how awful GfS is and how much your anger is justified. It becomes a self-amplifying habit, like feedback.

Sitting at a table, though, you would almost immediately find out that GfS is not who you think he is at all...not the image in your mind. And I think you'd then both act in a civilized manner...because, for one thing, your curiosity about the other person would impel you too.

It's not just "safe" for GfS or someone else you don't like to hide behind their computer screen here, Don. It's equally safe for you too. And for me. And that's why we all get a bit carried away from time to time and say things we probably wouldn't when face to face.

Everything you say to me about GfS amounts to an effort on your part to just persuade me that GfS is "a bad person" who deserves your contempt. Ain't gonna work, Don. I've spoken to GfS in real life, I know that person beyond some words on a screen, and I therefore don't buy that version of who GfS is. GfS isn't a bad person, neither are you, and neither am I.