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Posted By: pdq
13-Oct-11 - 12:15 PM
Thread Name: Gibson article (UK)
Subject: RE: Gibson article (UK)
Indian law requires that certain types of wood be harvested, dried and milled in India so that all the jobs will go to their countrymen.

The imported wood used for fingerboards was slightly thinner than the size that Indian law allows, but that size is routinely approved by Indian inspectors as were the shipments to Gibson.

C. F. Martin, Taylor and other guitar makers import exactly the same material from India and have not been treated the way that Gibson has been treated.

The Indian loggers are more responsible than any other source of Ebony and Madagascar Rosewood and the wood is harvested in a responsible manner.

The whole flap is about the wood from a few dozen trees that were harvested legally and imported legally. Much of the problem comes from the poorly thought-out and poorly written changes to the Lacey Act that Congress made in 2008. From 1900 to that time the law was an attempt to protect endangered birds and had nothing to do with trees.

Gibson was first raded in 2009 and raided a second time a years or so later.

Attempts to link Gibson to the wholesale destruction of rainforests is absolutely absurd.