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Posted By: Lox
18-Oct-11 - 06:44 PM
Thread Name: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
Subject: RE: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
Well the good news is that the bug is so infectious that it is even causing traditional mudcat enemies to agree with each other.

Dick, this has nothing to do with party politics, whether you mean traditional parties or some 'new' alternative.

This is all about "democracy" ie - government by the people.

And most people don't trust party politics.

Most people don't trust politicians.

And most people definitely don't trust the 1% of capitalists who own the politicians.

Whats different?

The people are making0 their own media and propaganda - we aren't as manipulable when social media is taking over from corporate media.

We are able to organize quickly and effectively.

Look at 38 degrees - look at Avaaz ... but most of all, look how fast the riots spread in England earlier this year .... and how easy it was to run rings around the police.

A serious sustained political movement, whether it be a strike or other peaceful non-cooperation would be 1000 times as effective.

The grapevine has gone digital.

We want democracy back, we want to be paid properly and we want basic human rights like proper health care and housing.

We've seen the courage of protesters in Egypt and Syria and we are becoming emboldened and more politicized.

We aren't so easy to pacify and hypnotize as our focus is not on TV, be it "news" or be it shit propaganda masquerading as rubbish ads and sit coms.

Gil scott heron was right - the revolution will not be televised ...

... it might be on facebook and twitter though!

(and a little corner might even be on mudcat)