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19-Oct-11 - 03:42 AM
Thread Name: BS: Racial stereotypes in retellings?
Subject: RE: BS: Racial stereotypes in retellings?
He wasn't 'slightly snobbish' ~~ it was a bitter bitter memory he never really expunged for all his feted lifelong success and fame once he had made it; and a great secret from everyone, even I believe his wives; only breathed in confidence to his dear friend Forster whom he knew to be collecting data for his biography, and then only on condition that it should never be made known in his lifetime. He had always dreamed of fame, and never forgave his father for his financial neglect which landed him in such a predicament and seemed to cut him off from all hope in life: the first part of Little Dorrit demands to be read in this context; & even Part II, where Clennam has contrived to get Dorrit out of the Marshalsea and restore his wealth, has to be read as indicating that one never shakes off the 'shades of the prison house'; as indeed, as I say, CD never did.