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Posted By: Jim Dixon
19-Oct-11 - 10:05 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Titanic (old Irish version)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE PRIDE OF BELFAST (Seaholm)
I have no idea which of the many Titanic threads would be the best one to add this to, so I might as well add it here.

From The Blacksmiths Journal, Vol. 14, No. 6 (Chicago: International Brotherhood of Blacksmiths and Helpers, June, 1912), page 43:


She was the pride of Belfast and she was declared to be
The ocean's greatest greyhound, the mistress of the sea;
And as she left her moorings with thousands on the shore,
That cried "God speed" not thinking that they'd never see her more.

'Twas on a Sunday evening, with the ocean calm and clear,
And hope and joy in every breast, no thought of danger near.
For like a stately queen she glides, then comes a crash, and lo,
Their hope is turned to anguish, and their joy to bitter woe.

"Women and children first," they cry, as they swing the lifeboats clear,
Wherever danger's lurking, brave men are always near.
God bless the gallant heroes, their agonies are o'er,
But their deed in sago and in song, shall live for evermore.

Titantic. O Titantic! her fate makes strong men weep;
She carried fifteen hundred souls to a briny grave and deep.
A sacrifice to the lust for gold, a sacrifice to fame,
The White Star line now a record holds to her everlasting shame.

CHORUS: "Nearer My God" they sang, "Nearer to Thee,"
Of earthly hope bereft, facing eternity.
O how the music swelled from brave men's hearts it welled:
"Nearer My God to Thee." and they sank in that icebound sea.