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Posted By: MorwenEdhelwen1
20-Oct-11 - 06:37 AM
Thread Name: BS: Racial stereotypes in retellings?
Subject: RE: BS: Racial stereotypes in retellings?
On the subject of Dickens' real-life inspirations for Fagin's character- sorry about misinterpreting what you said, MtheGM- a fence and a kidsman could be the same person or separate, as I'm sure you know. It makes perfect sense for a fence to be a kidsman as well; by caring for the children, they could make them get attached and unwilling to question their loyalties. To quote Lionel Bart, from the musical in "I'd Do Anything"; "We'd risk life and limb/To keep you in the swing." . Ikey Solomon was not the only inspiration for Fagin, but he was certainly the one who was the most high-profile; his escapes were famous. It's easy to imagine him as a kidsman, as his reputation would have been known to the boys (and possibly girls, but I've only read about boys) he trained as pickpockets.

The most objectionable thing about Dickens' character is the fact that he is a miser- not the fact that he is a fence. That's the issue I'm going to try to handle in my (steampunk!) reworking. And the reason why I started this thread.