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Posted By: MGM·Lion
22-Oct-11 - 12:44 AM
Thread Name: BS: Racial stereotypes in retellings?
Subject: RE: BS: Racial stereotypes in retellings?
I don't follow the logic of your penultimate para, Kent. Many criminals maintain their religious beliefs ~~ Mafiosi or Camorra-members, to take one example, are/were often devout RCs. And what of abusive priests, of whom we hear so much? They are, to be sure, faulty priests and believers: but their devoutness often remains intact thruout their errors? So why could not a thief remain an observant Jew ~~ as, by all accounts, Ikey Solomons was? I have no religion myself; but I can see that one might cling to a deeply-held belief whilst nevertheless conscious of one's own sinfulness.