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Posted By: Paul Burke
23-Oct-11 - 03:28 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Meaning of OWS (Occupy Wall Street)
Subject: RE: BS: The Meaning of OWS (Occupy Wall Street)
I'm sure the right wing are anxious to "get into the details", because at the moment they control the only possible language in which economics is allowed to be discussed- uncontrolled free market capitalism. Their ownership of both the communication channels and the language of discourse means it is impossible to present an argued alternative which is taken seriously. The facts

- that capitalism has never delivered for the mass of people except when forced to do so by competition (communism 1900-1970)
- that it has wrecked the reconstruction of former Soviet block countries
- in doing so it has discredited democracy in most of the world
- it doesn't practise its own tenets of nonintervention in markets when they need your money (see banking and other crises passim)
- that living standards in the capitalist west have been static or decreasing since the free- market neocons got hold of our economies
- that it hasn't got a clue about mass unemployment
- etc etc

can be conveniently ignored.

And note that the alternative they present to unregulated markets is a return to the stone age, despite the fact that a cursory reading of hsitory shows that capitalism's greatest successes happened when it was heavily regulated.