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Posted By: Jim Dixon
25-Oct-11 - 07:29 PM
Thread Name: Lyr ADD: Fox on the Run (Tony Hazzard)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Fox on the Run (Tony Hazzard)
I have listened carefully to the Manfred Mann recording. Since they were the first band to record this song, I figure their version probably comes closest to what the songwriter intended.

I notice they sing "walked" in the first line of the chorus, where nearly everybody else sings "walks." "Walked" actually makes a bit more sense, because it is consistent with the past-tense "shone" in line 2.

I have pondered the first part of line 3 in verse 2, and I'm not satisfied with either "I see a string of girls" or "I'll illustrate a girl" (although I wouldn't be surprised if some artists have actually sung those words). Manfred Mann's words are not clear, but I favor "I'll fill a straight of girls." I think he's using a poker metaphor here. That would be consistent with the following line "The game is nearly up."

I have also listened to the recording by Emerson & Waldron. They were the first to perform the song in a bluegrass style. It certainly sounds like they're singing "I'll fill a straight of girls."