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Posted By: akenaton
27-Oct-11 - 11:40 AM
Thread Name: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
Subject: RE: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
The unequal distribution of wealth and power are part and parcel of the Capitalist economic and social system......if you fix it, you kill it.

We in the West are sinking rapidly while living standards in,the East will rise, till they become unsustainable....Its already happening in China where the government are faced with turning their population into consumers as Western markets fail.
They will see that using the Capitalist system can be a double edged weapon.

WE are fucked pure and simple, even those with a little money in the bank or a retirement pension, are being robbed every day by the system as inflation rises.
We need to stop thinking in terms of who is better off than the next guy, construct a society where the important issues like health,and education are properly funded as public services and develope a sense of responsibility for how we conduct ourselves

Non of us are owed a living by anyone in this world and the sooner we start to realise that the better.
Capitalism is above all, about scamming as much as possible for ourselves and as someone above said, giving back a few crumbs to make us look decent.....we will never get a new mindset till we ditch it.