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Posted By: Lox
27-Oct-11 - 05:48 PM
Thread Name: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
Subject: RE: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
Marx wasn't a politician.

He was an economist and and observer.

All he did was predict that one day the divide between the working classes and the ruling classes and capitalists, would get so big that the working classes would refuse to play ball any more until they got proper recompense for their efforts.

In a world with poor communication and plenty of places to go to find willing slaves, that wasn't happening.

Capitalists could just blackmail their workers into accepting poor conditions with the threat of just taking the work elsewhere.

However, in a world where the working classes have access to global social media, it might be that his predictions are beginning to come true in front of our eyes.

Regardless of your political world view, it would be foolish of anybody to underestimate the significance of social media in the political landscape.

It is not just a fad that will be gone in a few months, it is a permanent fixture in history and the changes it has made to global society are also permanent.

Its biggest best and most important legacy is the repoliticazation of society.

No longer do people feel voiceless and insignificant. We all feel like we have an audience of millions.

The internet and social media are a petri dish where ideas grow and multiply at incredible speeds and are replaced at similar speeds.

As a consequence, society is maturing very quickly, and communicating and learning in an unprecedented way.

The world is becoming democratized whether it likes it or not.

And we are only just seeing the first tiny glimmer of its potential.

How it will pan out is of course a mystery - in London we saw riots and looting - in egypt the overthrow of a puppet.

It could result in nationalist isolationism, or global fraternity. It could result in WWIII, or it could result in a new age of understanding.

But whatever happens won't be at the behest of the mainstream media or corporate propaganda - at leat not to the same extent as when they controlled 3 hours of our in home activity and information on TV every night.

Its great - its beautiful - Long live democracy!!