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Posted By: Donuel
29-Oct-11 - 10:18 PM
Thread Name: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
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I'm Donuel the savant of the midwest.

Here is my Signs of the TImes:
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Here is my OWS mantra chant courtesy of Johm Lennon's give peace a chance...

Wall St is saying, Pay all my debts
All we are saying, is thats not our debt.

That really sums it up in a Richard Feynman singularity of truth.

It was Henry Paulson who as CEO of Goldman Sachs in Aprill 2004 who bribed and extorted 5 SEC regulators to, for the first time, allow all banks to borrow unlimited money with no collateral. That meeting in the Woolworth building was GROUND ZERO for the deliberate global economic crises that would leave only 5 banks standing and 400 people owning the majority of everything there is to own in the world.

Paulson along with the other 7 Wall St. corporations laughed in the meeting at the mere suggestion that anything could go wrong.
From that time forward, The banks were never so much in control and simultaneously OUT OF CONTROL.

They ended up borrowing imaginary money to make bets on the failure of the United States and various targeted companies by inventing Credit default swaps and buying insurance that certain corporations would fail. How could they know who would fail? They had several weapons to guarantee the failure of their target bets. Rumoer, shorting their stock and hostile takeovers are but a few weapons.

They borrowed somewhere between 70 to 90 TRILLION DOLLARS to bet at the casino of their own making.
To get an idea, If you stiffed a million dollars in a piggy bank every single day for 2,476 years you will have saved one trillion dollars.

THAT IS THEIR DEBT, it is not yours, they have hypnotized you with media into believing that the debt is now on your back.

The answer is to confiscate the money of the secret Hedge Fund billionaires to cover their gambling losses and seek retribution if they can not.

The rich do not want to lose their fortune garnered by fraud, loans, bribery and extortion. They want you to pay it to keep their gaming rooms open and finish the next hand.

Bankrupt and foreclose on the super wealthy, THAT IS UNHEARD OF!!
well it is not. We did it to losers in war and losers in the 30's crash.

They have tried to distract us all with trying to make this crises all about the sub prime mortgage fraud. They blame us for ever taking their loans. GET THIS, even if we were to blame for their bundling of bad mortgages and selling them like a corn commodity,
that whole thing is only a TENTH of the entire Wall St. gambling losses.

Peter Sellers: Does your derivitive bite?
clerk: no
Sellers: CHOMP ow ow ow I thought you said your derivitive did not bite?
clerk: thats not my derivitive.

In Feynman succinctness...Its not your debt.

The new trillionaires have your money, what can be found of it.

That is one of the 3 great Wall St. lies

1 YOUR money is gone.
2 It is perfectly legal.
3 Regulate? Just trust us.

so, what ever happened on Wall st ain't capitalism.

To this day there is not one aspect of Wall st that isn;t tainted by fraud, lies, cheats, theft, extortion, bribery and when need be...murder.

The open secret is that the stock market is computerized under the direct control of Hedge fund managers who can cause the market to rise or fall by 300 points in less than 10 minutes. They are doing, what I was taught in my early days, somthing called churning but on a market wide basis. PErhaps you remember the day they tested their new software and no one could explain how or why the market fell by 300 points and rebounded in 15 minutes.

Remember, its not your debt. It was an invention by Wall St.

IF anyone had the balls to start the confiscation process of the several hundred who gained the most by fraud in Wall st and the opaque