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Posted By: Donuel
29-Oct-11 - 10:46 PM
Thread Name: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
Subject: RE: BS: Wall Street Protesters...

P ortugal
I taly
G reece
S pain

are the next to seek immunity and bail outs.

Guess who helped Greece lie on their application to the EU with accounting fraud? Henry Paulson of Goldman Sachs.

The breadth and scope of what GOldman did internationally, and then place bets on the assured failures of their set up victims/marks is beyond belief, but its here. All the evil in the mud hatched out and the mutant creatures spawned look like their daddy, Goldman Sachs and thier cronies and minions..

Perhaps you have seen the prime time movies about Wall St, some depicting Henry Paulson and the usual gang of gangsters.

I assure you he is not the genial gentle concerned person that the actors depicted. Nor are the others. First they laughed at you as bottom feeders and peasants and unwashed. Then they feared for their own fortunes as in fighting with Lehman led to the house of cards fall in a week.

I will forgo ranting and leave you with the chant.

Wall St. is saying payall our debts
All we are saying is thats not OUR debt.