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Posted By: Donuel
30-Oct-11 - 05:22 AM
Thread Name: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
Subject: RE: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
There are two things that need to be highlighted which are ticking time bombs regarding OWS that need to be defused before harm comes to the emerging movement.

1 The propoganda rhetoric that OWS is at its a core an anti capitalist movement is a potentially harmful definition. This accusation sends everyone down the wrong road that could result in a horrendous crash. BBC is calling their protestors anti capitalist. I have heard the US media in lock step with this talking point of anti capitalist demonstrators. Sticks and stones and all the patently absurd associations being placed on OWS by the 1% owned media have no staying power but "anti capitalist" could have impliocations that might make it difficult to ever overcome.

   What Wall St. practiced was not remotely connected to capitalism.
One could read the book Super Capitalism to gain more insight.
It was fraud extortion and global larceny. From a psycholinguistic stand point many great causes have been greatly harmed by deliberate redefinitions such as card carrying liberal phrases that equated liberalism to communism to the degree that liberalism was renamed as progressive. Golbal warming was redefined as climate change. ect.

If anything OWS seeks an awareness of how Wall st perverted capitalism. In a sense OWS can point a spotlight at preserving the best of capitalism by exposing the depraved twisting of it by recent wall st crimes. Being a defender of a wise form of capitalism is certainly more uniting than divisive.

2 The second point is most important. Educating people to the 3 Wall st lies is critical. The 1st lie is that what was done was legal, the second lie is that our money was lost. and the third is that only they can "unwind" all the problems to compicated for us mortals.

We must not play on their fild of definitions and paradigms.
The 1% just wants to keep their casino open to perpetuate the wholesale theft. We must not assume money equates directly to a ower that is forever above the law.

A Nuremberg like trial regarding great deliberate financial crimes of war against the world must enter the conversation. Not that justice would be achieved merely by a trial but that it is the instrument that can begin to make reparations by confiscating the stolen assets back from Wall St. The focus of the trial is not to prop up some scape goats but to toliterally hold upwards to a thousand criminal participants over a period of years. The enablers of Wall St crimes, the inventors of their weapons of financial destruction, the lawyers that helped hide crimes and the Owner investors of Hedge Fund hierarchies need to be brought to court. The more perps we bring in the more likely that lawyers will turn on thier employers, wives on the crooks, minions on the middlemen execs.
If confiscation of stolen money is succesful, the 1% will call it redistrubution of wealth but we should call it evidence.

In short OWS requires a definition as defenders of good capitalism and not destroyers of capitalism, It was wall st who did the destruction

There needs to be hopeful talk of calling for a global trial which will expose more about the harm Wall St did on a global scale, for how much money and for whom they took orders.

The third goal can soon follow of canceling all the insurance bought on credit and all the bets made with no money down...all of those virtually imaginary and invented bets need to be deemed null and void. Those bets like CDOs and swaps and insurance bought from AIG with no money down etc.   If done - 30 trillion dollars or more will be wiped from the ledger. Naturally the wealthy want to keep those bets open and keep playing their hand, but the world can afford their pleasure of a casino that sinks nations with rigged machines.

I welcome input here, I am anxious to hear from serious thinkers and common "sensers" alike.