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Posted By: Lox
30-Oct-11 - 06:55 PM
Thread Name: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
Subject: RE: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
Its all about the social media folks.

Whoever controls the media controls the people.

So if the people control their own media, they become empowered.

Dividing the people and isolating them is the other way of controlling people.

Social Media connects people together.

Finally, a capitalist is not a person who follows any ideology.

A capitalist is one who owns the capital.

i.e. the 1%

(its in the dictionary)

So if the 1% own most of the capital, and if the 1% need to be properly taxed, and if the 1% need to be regulated better, then it is linguistically accurate to say that the capitalists are the focus of these demos.

It isn't necessarily socialism, because - like the riots - it isn't about any kind of prescriptive ideology - its organic and issues based - one issue at a time.

Just sayin ...

And Q, if you think that the social media revolution is just a fad, you clearly have your head in the sand.

We don't know how its gonna pan out, but we live in fast changing times. The power is coming to the people and we have only seen the tiniest glimpse of what it is capable of.

And there is nothing that can be done to stop it - just like with music piracy - you shut one thing down, and another springs up - you make one thing inaccessible and another way of getting there springs up ...

... the grapevine has gone fibre optic ...

... the collective conscious has developed neural pathways ...

I can't see how reactionary thought can survive unless a new fascist movement is engineered.

... it may happen yet ... it might be the only way to keep the people down ...