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Posted By: akenaton
31-Oct-11 - 03:58 AM
Thread Name: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
Subject: RE: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
Sorry if I sounded patronising B.
I suppose what I'm saying, is that I've been against the system most of my life, my comrades and I have had very little help from the "liberals" who seems to be flocking to this new movement.
In fact they always treated "radicals" as their enemy.
I dont think most of the OWS people really understand the problems involved, or the reality of the situation.

This is not Libya, or Egypt....This is a serious,organised and well armed state with a "democratic mandate"(yes, I know), but that will be thrown at you just as it was thrown at us.
The Media are having a bit of fun and creating stories at the moment, but they are controlled by the powers you are opposing and soon they will start the hate campaign.

Change will not be achieved overnight, or even in a generation in this type of society, when most people still believe that they have a stake in its continuance.
Confronting the system will certainly set the majority against you, and they will be bolstered by the media.
It has all happened before, we must realise as I have done, that this evil system is never going to vanish with the next sunrise...and that none of us are going to see its passing....But we can make a start by understanding how this system works and refusing to be divided politically by the tactics it uses....Ake