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31-Oct-11 - 11:02 AM
Thread Name: Folk Legacy Turns 50 + photos
Subject: RE: Folk Legacy Turns 50
Thanks for starting this thread, Duane. Although attending the concert turned out to be quite hazardous--snowy roads, downed trees & power wires, closed roads, people who weren't driving appropriately for the conditions, widespread power outages--I was glad to be there, representing Folk Legacy. More than half of the scheduled performers couldn't make it to the concert & they were missed! Those who did make it performed valiantly! I think each had only expected to perform one song, because of the original number scheduled, but they managed to give us a 2 1/2 hour concert without intermission--including reminiscences about Sandy & Folk Legacy history & songs special to Folk Legacy. When Bob Zentz sang "All the Good People" I swear I heard Sandy's voice! BMT sang "Turning Toward the Morning" & "Nightrider's Lament" complete with audience harmonies. I think we got across the stage once before the power went off. Bob Zentz picked up with hardly a pause & the performers continued, very professionally, acoustic & candlelit! Bob led a beautiful rendition of "Sweet Song from Yesterday." Sally & Howie sat center stage & provided a great counterpoint to the more "mature" performers. They were delightful & it was great to see them! Howie brought some of his fabulous wine for tasting, too! Larry Kaplan shared the wonderful song he wrote in memory of Sandy--"Echo on the Mountain" as well as gentle memories of Sandy.

It was really wonderful to see Gordon Bok, Ann Muir, & Ed Trickett together again on stage! After following their music for many years (& buying all of their recordings!), Duane & I finally got to see them in performance once, during their final Northeast US tour, at the Sounding Board in Hartford, Connecticut on September 29, 2000. It was a fabulous concert, made more special by the fact that, when I leaned over to ask the young woman sitting next to me if she'd heard them in person before, she smiled sweetly & said, "Yes, many times. Ann is my mother!" Christina Muir (a performer herself, in the group "Hot Soup") & I had our own reunion, back in Hartford on Saturday night, October 29, 2011, since Ann, over from her home in France, was staying at Christina's home & Christina had driven her to the concert! BMT, by the way, brought Duane & me together. We met online & in both of our profiles, we listed the music of BMT, a fairly narrow niche within folk music. Ironically, BMT also brought me into my personal friendship with Sandy & Caroline. I think Joe Offer started a thread to announce a new BMT recording. Thinking to save postage & handling, since I was, then, living close to Folk Legacy, I picked up the phone & asked Caroline if I could pick up the recording in person. Little did I know that, instead of a business setting, I was inviting myself into her home! A cup of tea & about 3 hours later, we were well on the way to becoming friends! In the past 15 years or so, I remember so many times, going to visit & finding Sandy sitting at the table or computer, reading a book or email, with his coffee beside him. I'd go up behind him for a quick back hug--hence his nickname for me, "Copake Cuddles." I don't go to the house a single time, these days, without sensing his benevolent presence.

It was a night to remember, full of wonderful conversations & songs. Although the chairs were only 1/4 to 1/3 full, each person there had truly made an effort to attend, as had the performers. When I thanked them afterward, however, each seemed honored to be there & thanked me for attending, too! Caroline & the Paton family were sorely missed & all asked about them. At the end of the concert, we sang to Caroline, over a cell phone.

I hope that all got safely home. Our motel had electricity, although some of Farmington did not. We woke up to a hot breakfast & got on the road. Driving home to New York, we had to negotiate through many intersections without benefit of working traffic light & take turns going around trees on the roadways. When we got to Litchfield County in Connecticut, we had to turn back from our expected route four times, because of trees & power lines across the roads. Caroline is still without power or telephone at this time & is, as far as we know, staying with her son, David, at the Sharon Audubon Center. Many of the roads in that area are still quite dangerous, if not impassable. Prayers for safety are in order. We are safely home, with memories of a very special time together as folk music family!