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31-Oct-11 - 03:56 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Cock a doodle doo
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Cock a doodle doo
I find most of the versions listed very awkward to sing, and so I have tried to do a version which is a bit easier. What does anyone think?


One Sunday afternoon, I went out for a walk
I went as far as Petticoat Lane and there I had a talk
To a man who was selling birds, I asked to see his stock
I handed over half-a-crown and he gave me his cock
(a doodle do)
And its nothing to do with you.
It's a very small cock but it's all that I've got
And its nothing to do with you

I put it under my coat and I began to walk
I hadn't got so far when it began to squawk
A lady passing by, gave me a hell of a shock
She put her hand under my coat and grabbed right hold of my cock (a doodle do)
Its nothing to do with you
I said "my cock is my own so leave it alone"
Its nothing to do with you

I put my cock in my mum's back yard
Along with her old hen
What a hullabaloo, Oh! what a to do
My knees began to knock
What a terrible job getting my old mums hen
From underneath my cock


And now my song is done, I can no longer stay
No point in staying here, I must be on my way
Just one more thing to ask, before the door I lock
Is there any young lady in the room who would like to see my cock.