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Posted By: lisa null
31-Oct-11 - 08:25 PM
Thread Name: Folk Legacy Turns 50 + photos
Subject: RE: Folk Legacy Turns 50
As for the alt music concert that happened with Caroline and me...

After singing at the "Urban Folk Song of the 1960s" concert for Pinewoods in NYC, I drove up to Folk-Legacy to stay over for the Folk-Legacy concert this last Saturday. I had my song all practiced and ready to go. My engine was warmed up to drive Caroline and myself when Giles, the videographer, phoned in to tell us how dangerous the roads were-- getting worse by the minute.

So we couldn't go-- a deep, deep disappointment. But Caroline is nothing if not resilient. The power went out but the candles came on.
The temperature got colder and colder but more and more lap robes kept appearing from various corners of the house to keep us toasty and warm. I swear she even took off her Dr. Denton's to keep me comfortable. Somehow, a bottle of Kendal and Jacquie's scotch emerged and we began to laugh. Caroline sang, and I listened and listened-- she shared much of her Jeannie Robertson repertoire with me, including one or two of the "muckle" songs. It was a bittersweet evening full of regrets but full song and beauty.

We slept under mounds of quilts and blankets. The next morning, I copied out words from Sara Cleveland's notebook as sun sparkled on heaps of snow outside the kitchen. David Paton came by and dug out my car so I could begin my long ride back to DC.

I've been unable to reach Caroline or David or Robin by phone to say I got back safely and to express the hope that she made it over to David's, where there is a generator. I have called and called to say thank you, I miss you, I love you as a dear friend... please, if any of you are in touch, convey these thoughts for me.

None of you would believe how positively "nurturing" of me she was all week long except--except that you have experienced so much of this kindness and hospitality for yourselves.