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Posted By: GUEST,beardedbruce
03-Nov-11 - 12:19 PM
Thread Name: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
Subject: RE: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
Guest, TIA

The clickies you posted are to a site that has a bias- IT is funded by:
American Legacy Foundation
Bauman Family Foundation
Careth Foundation
Carolyn Foundation
Changing Horizons Charitable Trust
Courtney's Foundation
CS Fund
Deer Creek Foundation
Educational Foundation of America
Ettinger Foundation
Ford Foundation
Foundation for Deep Ecology
Foundation for Political Management
Funding Exchange
Richard & Rhoda Goldman Fund
Grodzins Fund
Helena Rubinstein Foundation
HKH Foundation
Litowitz Foundation
Marisla Foundation
Mostyn Foundation
Open Society Institute
Park Foundation
Public Welfare Foundation
Proteus Fund
V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation
Rockefeller Associates
Rockefeller Family Foundation
Rockwood Fund
Stern Family Fund
Schumann Center for Media and Democracy
Sunlight Foundation
Threshold Foundation
Tides Foundation
Town Creek Foundation
Turner Foundation
Wallace Global Fund
Winslow Foundation

They do not talk about the funding for OWS. Yet the wording is obviously pro-OWS and anti-Tea Party.

Tides is Soros- and if YOU would not accept a right-wing source, why should I accept a left-wing one?

I have seen visible union support of the OWS groups- which they are entitled to do, but DON'T tell me that that is not supposed to be counted against the support that the large number of independent Tea Party groups get from their supporters.

Both Soros and Koch are entitled to support groups that they think are correct- as are we all. But Bobert's claim goes beyond that, and has not (yet) been demonstrated to be based on facts.