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Posted By: Will Fly
06-Nov-11 - 03:15 PM
Thread Name: New UK Folk Site and
Subject: RE: New UK Folk Site and Forum
Sometimes UKers are made to feel second rate on Mudcat.

No - not true. I've never been made to feel that in any way. I suspect that many of our American friends get pissed off with the interminable "what is folk music" wrangles that turn up. I also suspect that the mud-slinging, name-calling and vituperation that arises from time to time between - mainly - UK 'Catters is wearisome in the extreme.

It's also true that many of the long-serving Mudcat people are American - not particularly strange when you consider the origins of the Forum - and there will inevitably be strong links between that set of people. Nothing weird in that.

Mudcat, in my comparatively short time here, is a vibrant, exuberant, fascinating forum, with more sheer knowledge and expertise in it than anyone could imagine. Treat it with respect - and you get treated with respect, whever you hail from.