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Posted By: Don Firth
06-Nov-11 - 07:07 PM
Thread Name: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
Subject: RE: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
The WTO conference in Seattle in 1999 sparked a massive demonstration by union members and working stiffs all over the area. I mean massive! Depending on whose figures you believe, there were between 50,000 and 100,000 peaceful demonstrators, marching and chanting.

What turned it into what the press insisted on calling the "Battle in Seattle" was a band of about 200 interlopers that a friend of mine, a carpenter and construction worker who was participating in the, until then, peaceful protest, said were a bunch of thugs, some imported from eastern Oregon and others from northern Idaho (both reputed to be locations of neo-Nazi and "survivalist" paramilitary groups) who ran amok, smashing plate glass windows in downtown department stores and setting fires.

The next to arrive were the Seattle riot police, supplemented by reinforcements from police departments from neighboring municipalities, and the National Guard.

The peaceful protest got lost in all the mayhem. And the press had a ball!

Who the hell were these people and why were they there? Inquiring minds want to know.

I.e., who hired them? Any guesses?

Don Firth