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Posted By: catspaw49
08-Nov-11 - 12:14 PM
Thread Name: BS: How many roads must a man walk down
Subject: RE: BS: How many roads must a man walk down
Bruce you are just shameless. Granted the budgie/lighter fluid bit but not only is that joke as old as Methusela but I have told it in cat form about 9 times around here dating back to this one in November of 1999!
Subject: RE: BS: Cat farts.
From: catspaw49 - PM
Date: 12 Nov 99 - 08:40 PM

Ya know, I had a cat with bowel problems and my vet suggested a 1/2 teaspoon of gasoline fer chrissake! I admit that I thought the guy was nuts, but it did work, sorta. It ain't too easy to get a half teaspoon of gasoline down a cat's throat, but when I did, he liked to tore me to shreds getting away. He blasted around the room about 3 or 4 times, ran up the hallway, up the stairs, back down both, and into the den, leaped on the drapes and ran to the end of the curtain rod where he stopped and fell to the floor. I thought I'd killed the poor thing, but it turns out he'd just run out of gas.

And some of the later versions got up to two paragraphs! Still a damn fine old joke though....and a nice telling on your part!