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Posted By: M. Ted (inactive)
23-Oct-00 - 11:44 AM
Thread Name: Help:name?gypsy fiddle tune
Subject: RE: Help:name?gypsy fiddle tune
It is another no name Klezmelody--I pulled out my old Kammen's International Dance Folio ("The Most Useful Book of It's Kind Ever Published") and didn't find it, but I found several similar tunes, all named either Frailach (Bulgar) or Bulgar (Frailach). I guess I am not surprised, because often, these things have no fixed name, and were labelled by the dance that is done, or the town that the dance came from--Sometimes there are words that are sung to the melody, and the name is taken from that, but typically, there can be several different and unrelated songs sung to the melody, and also typically, the songs themselves can be sung to different melodies--

Where did you get this tune from? And where did they get it from? I guess that's the best way to identify it--I must confess that I saved the MIDI and made up a little lead sheet (you never know when someone might want to hear another klezmer tune) and I'd like to label it with more info than just "Dance Melody from the Internet"--