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09-Nov-11 - 01:09 AM
Thread Name: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
Subject: RE: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
    Until I listened to the Abramoff, 60 minute interview, I believed that we could fix our broken government by simply taking the corporate money out of our politics, by publicly funding elections we could have our elected officials actually working for ALL the American people, for a change. But I did not understand the extent of the
corruption problem we face.
It is no longer just a case of corporate money flowing from lobbyist's to either elect or destroy a candidate, they have gone further. They basically get the Congress members chief of staff in their pocket. This is the same, or even better, than the member of Congress, the chief of staff controls everything the member sees or doesn't see, and is even able to insert secret legislation into complicated and lengthy bills, often without the members fully understanding it's implications. But they have gone even further and cut out the middleman altogether. Now that the Koch Tea Party has managed to get dozens of their "Trojan Horse" candidates elected, not just to Congress, but also to Governorships all around the country, the elected official can be manipulated directly.

Go to the link for a transcript of excerpts from the interview, or you can watch the interview itself.

text and interview

How many partisan clones out there think corporations could do their corruption....without corrupt politician's help???

The rest is nonsensical political posturing!