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Posted By: Suffet
09-Nov-11 - 08:24 AM
Thread Name: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
Subject: RE: BS: Wall Street Protesters...

Regarding Bobert's comment Corporate media is out to destroy OWS... It won't give a fair accounting no matter what...: When I was last at OWS in New York two days ago, I saw a camera and sound crew bring their own model to stand among the crowds in Zuccotti Park holding up a large hand-painted sign that read:

Ask not what you can do for your country.
Ask what your country can do for you.

That's just the thing to show how selfish those OWS people really are!

The model was a middle aged man wearing an old army jacket and jeans. How did I know he was a model? Because I saw the crew set him up and even dust him with a little powder for the camera. The equipment had no markings that I could see, so I have no idea where the crew was from.

That same day, all the New York newspapers carried stories of how Zuccotti Park has been riddled with violent crime. Each paper had its own spin depending upon its political outlook and journalistic standards, but the intent was obviously the same: to discredit OWS and to scare people away.

The truth is that there have been a handful of serious incidents, including a sexual assault for which the NYPD made an arrest. But rather than ignoring the problem or trying to hide it, the people at OWS have addressed it directly through the General Assembly, through a series of special meetings, and through several working groups. The result has been increased security through various strategies ranging from traditional (recruiting and training big, imposing looking security volunteers) to less traditional (recruiting and training volunteers in nonviolent conflict resolution).

If you spend any time in Zuccotti Park, you will not find it be threatening, hostile, or dangerous. Instead you will find it to be mellow, friendly, and inviting. Marilyn and I spent yesterday preparing food that we will bring there today. All the dishes we made are vegan. Even though we are not even vegetarians, let alone vegans, we figure that anyone can eat vegan food. Also, if things get rough, you can attack your opponents with our cold sesame noodles. :-)

The bottom line is don't uncritically accept anything the media have to say. They all serve the interests of their corporate owners.

--- Steve