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Posted By: Stringsinger
09-Nov-11 - 01:50 PM
Thread Name: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
Subject: RE: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
Dick, with all due respect, you don't get it. There are many issues that are intertwined and a single issue doesn't mean anything. Leadership is everyone, not just one ego-driven politician or speaker that hops in front of the parade.

If you really dig, you'll find out why this movement is so powerful and why it doesn't need a bumper sticker or sound byte.

The 1% control Bilderbergers, the Military Industrial Complex, the Media, the War Contractors, the corporate control of congress and the senate and the two parties,
the diversionary red-herring called deficit reduction which translated is robbing the public and penalizing the poor as well as the destruction of labor unions. Anybody who is awake knows what the OWS is about.

It ain't about Goldman Sachs or Timothy Geithner. Obama better put on his sneakers.