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Posted By: M. Ted (inactive)
23-Oct-00 - 01:12 PM
Thread Name: Need Help With 60's Protest Songs
Subject: RE: Need Help With 60's Protest Songs
I disagree as to the Kent State thing scaring people out of the anti-movement--It made a lot of people angry, and it brought out a lot of people who hadn't really done anything before-- I remember, having been one of a small group that was rallying against the war in front of the state capitol week in and week out, after Kent State, all Hell broke loose--instead of fifty or a hundred, we began to get hundreds, and finally thousands--

The thing that knocked the wind out of the anti-war movement, and the smartest thing, tactically, that Nixon ever did, was the draft lottery--hasically, what kept students involved in the antiwar movement was the immediate possibility that they, or their friends, would be forced to serve--when the numbers were drawn, suddenly, three quarters of the draft age men were no longer on the line-- and, for they most part, they went on to other things, leaving only the hardcore of activists--

You are right, though, about how strange it was, as the sixties drew to a close, everybody was listening to progressive rock, wild, creative, music with no boundaries, and suddenly, it was all slick, all studio sound, all corporate--