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Posted By: GUEST,Hector Ballsworthy, the Independent Press
09-Nov-11 - 04:18 PM
Thread Name: BS: How many roads must a man walk down
Subject: RE: BS: How many roads must a man walk down
"who may or may not have had a hand in the accident"

AND who may have had a hand somewhere else at the time as well! Or IN something else, if you follow my analogy.

Yes! The disturbing rumours...did I say "rumours"?...the disturbing reports that have been pouring in from my confidential sources who cannot be named to these embattled offices of the Independent Press in Birmingham make it quite clear that there are unholy alliances being formed even as I speak between the sons and daughters of the British aristocracy and shambling, subhuman, hairy, gibbering, degenerate beasts of the jungle!!!!

Could this herald the final collapse of civilization as we know it?

And what connection does it have with the blood-drinking lizard-man, Winston Wellington-Jones, who walks among us pretending to be an ordinary English peer, albeit an insufferably arrogant one, and who has married into the ancient Rutledge line with the clear intent of stealing their pure genetic coding and producing a line of reptilian-blooded, shape-shifting, cannibalistic creatures whose final purpose is to enslave all humanity!!!!!!!!!!

BUY the next issue of the Independent Press at your local counter and READ the AWFUL TRUTH in all its HORRIFYING ENTIRETY as I rip the mask from the ugly face of HIDDEN POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Hector Ballsworthy