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Posted By: stallion
09-Nov-11 - 07:20 PM
Thread Name: 'This Is Us' UK Launch @ Herga 14 Nov 2011
Subject: RE: 'This Is Us' UK Launch @ Herga 14/11/11
Come all you jolly sailors
and listen unto me
Avast a while , I'll make you smile
and tell you of a spree
There's many a craft in Wapping
In flying colours gay
Pirate ships, and fireships,
Along Ratcliff highway

So its mind them fine flash frigates
In their flying colours gay
Or soon they'll clear your lockers out
Along Ratcliff Highway

To the old Three Crowns I first put in
A frigate took me in tow
I was tempest toss'd, me cargo lost
I made full sail to go
Then I cruised the Mahogany bar
And so by the next day
I lay so high and – oh so dry
Along Ratcliff Highway


In the Old Rose and Britannia
Such frigates there at hand
There's crooked Loo and squinty Sue
And bandy Mary Anne
There's skinny Sal the china gal
And flash maria neat
There's bouncing Nell and brazen Belle
Who's bin through 'arf the fleet

And in the famed King Billy
Down on new gravel lane
There's Jenny Jones, all skin and bones
And ugly Molly Payne
There's lusty Bet as black as Jet
With a bustle such a size
And sniffing Annie with her wet – nose
And Sukey gravy eyes


In the parlour of the Barley Mow
I hailed a frigate tight
Towed her away without delay
And boarded her that night
She took me watch me money too
Me clothes to my dismay
Two bullies stout they turned me out
Upon Ratcliff highway


So all you Jolly sailors
I'd have you bear in mind
There's pirate sort in every port
And Fireships you'll find
But if your going on the spree
When you're out on the loose
Get moored all right, so snug and tight
In the Port of Paddy's goose