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10-Nov-11 - 12:50 PM
Thread Name: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
Subject: RE: BS: Wall Street Protesters...
Bearded Bruce: "...I consider that BOTH the Klan and the SEIU , when they overstep the boundaries of the law, should be arrested and charged. If either stays within the law, they should not be arrested, no matter how I disagree with them. Intimidation in support of something I agree with is still intimidation.

Yet it seems many here do not agree with that."

I fully agree!..Not only that, the FAILURE or 'purposeful ignoring' of looking at the 'Corzine Corruption' where $600 MILLION was 'lost'; the Solyndra fraud, $535 million, and Solyndra executives were awarded quarterly bonuses worth up to $60,000 apiece earlier this year as the California solar-panel company headed for bankruptcy, Beacon Power Corp. @ $43 million; Jeff Immelt, being named 'Jobs Czar', and given $550 Billion to start jobs in CHINA!.. (as he dodges paying taxes here, 'Fast and Furious' to supply guns for the administrations drug buddies;....while 'funded protestors' march around the country wanting their 'debts forgiven'(Though I do agree that SOME attention has been called to the Wall Street/political corruption abuses); The Fed passing out TRILLIONS of taxpayer backed loan handouts all over the world, and NOT disclosing where, or to who; corporate bailouts, in the TRILLIONS(by both parties;........and people who 'like' THIS administration because they are Democrats make stupid lame excuses for them, WHILE ALLEGEDLY 'supporting' their bitches!!!????....
What a bunch of LAME, hypocritical, phony, bullshitters!!!!!!

It's time to get to the root cause, folks!...and quit making asses of yourselves!