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Posted By: Jim Dixon
11-Nov-11 - 09:44 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: 6000 Lonely Miles (from the Fureys)
Subject: Lyr Add: 6,000 LONELY MILES (Finbar Furey)
Here's my transcription. His pronunciation is mostly quite distinct, but I am unfamiliar with his accent, and some lines don't quite make sense to me, so it leaves me in doubt that my transcription is correct.

As sung by Finbar Furey on the album "Finbar Furey" (2009)

1. I arose to see the moonlit beach(?)
Knife through the dark well(?) clouds,
Still knowing(?) you are so far away,
Six thousand lonely miles.

CHORUS: Six thousand lonely miles from me,
But we as one will ever be.
The sands of time know history(?).
We'll kiss then part and meet(?).

2. I miss the voice that speaks my name.
Its joy now breaks my heart;
And it's sad I am you're so far away,
Two different worlds apart.

3. I pray for you when shadows fall,
At the close of every day.
Each moment my heart bleeds for you.
It's reaching 'cross the sea.

4. I'll wait for you, my child of light,
Like darkness awaits the day
I'll hold you close inside my heart
Till you return to me.